Lean thinkers are not on social media and at what cost

Lean thinkers are not on social media and at what costI like Lean. It is a great idea on how to get the whole enterprise on the same boat and working together in a systematic, near-scientific manner. However, at times I wonder whether Lean is keeping up with the times (which is why I am working on refining my ideas on Lean social business), and one worrying symptom is that Lean thinkers at large have not embraced social media. This is rather surprising for an ideology that encourages large-scale participation, although a certain amount of technological skepticism and being more of a tortoise than a hare are common features in Lean and can explain this to an extent.

In this post, I will examine the state of Lean thinking on social media at the moment.

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Seminar: Social media in manufacturing in Helsinki on 15 February 2012

Seminar social media in manufacturing in Helsinki on 15 February 2012The seminar “Sosiaalinen media teollisuudessa: käytännön kokemuksia kilpailukyvyn parantamisesta” (Social media in manufacturing: practical experiences on how to improve competitiveness) was held in Helsinki on 15 February 2012.

Except for the keynote presentation given by Lee Bryant from Dachis Group, all the presentations were in Finnish. I was one of the speakers at the event (video in Finnish is available here), and I published a generalized version of my presentation in this blog post just before the event.

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Social media in manufacturing industry: #EMO2011 & #imxevent

Social media in the manufacturing industry EMO 2011 imX 2011The two most important trade shows in the manufacturing industry in 2011, EMO Hannover 2011 and imX Las Vegas 2011, were held recently. In this post, I will examine how online and social media were utilized in these events that focus on a very traditional industry. Continue reading “Social media in manufacturing industry: #EMO2011 & #imxevent”

Interlude: Meaningful Follow Fridays

Meaningful Follow FridayI like Follow Friday. It is nice to have some traditions in the constantly changing world of social media, and Follow Friday can sometimes be useful for discovering new people.

However, often it is not. It is in large part dominated by spammers and long lists of people. While I appreciate being mentioned in an #FF list, it is more like a minor compliment than a real suggestion to follow me, as I never bother clicking through all those names to find out more about them and I know most others do not either.

I know this is not brand new information. People have discussed the shortcomings of Follow Fridays almost as soon as the tradition began, and most things have been said multiple times already.

I still want to share the way I use #FF, because I enjoy it when I notice other people using it the same way and often check out people suggested this way:

  1. I always include some comments about the person I recommend.
  2. I only recommend one person or a related group of people each week. On some weeks, I might just skip the #FF entirely.

Here are my latest #FF tweets as a demonstration, and I suppose this promotes these people a little bit more as well:

#FF @torikyes – social media and technology; also infrequent but interesting blogger – ask her to blog more when following! (23 September 2011)

#FF @wittlake – writes about B2B marketing and social media; has a good head on his shoulders. (15 September 2011; I know it’s a Thursday.. Well, I know now that it’s a Thursday)

#FF @markwschaefer – One of the few daily bloggers who produces value on most days. He also practices what he preaches (in Tao of Twitter). (9 September 2011)

#FF @GrahamHill @ireneclng @SteveVargo – all three for their discussions on #SDLogic (2 September 2011)

Photo: Roger Price (cc)

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Book review: The Tao of Twitter

Picture of Ville Kilkku holding The Tao of Twitter by Mark W. SchaeferIn The Tao of Twitter, Mark W. Schaefer sets out to provide an instruction manual on Twitter for business users, because he attributes the fact that many Twitter users quit shortly after starting to the lack of good guidelines on what to do after you have your account set up and have sent your first tweets. Continue reading “Book review: The Tao of Twitter”

Boost your trade show presence via online and social media

Boost your trade show presence via online and social mediaTrade shows are an important part of business in many industries. However, spending up to millions of dollars on trade show presence without promoting it also to people who are not attending is a waste. With modern online and social media, you can make your trade show presence visible all over the world and for an extended period of time, thus making sure the investment is as profitable as it can be.

In this post, I will examine the goals that online integration can help you achieve as well as the ways to reach these goals.

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Setting up Twitter accounts for business

Setting up Twitter accounts for businessIn this post, I examine various methods that companies use to set up their Twitter accounts, and how to set things up and choose user names.

The basic premise is a view of Twitter as a conversation and interaction platform that enables direct and immediate contact with more people than has ever before been possible, and what setup best utilizes this characteristic of Twitter. Continue reading “Setting up Twitter accounts for business”