Seminar: Social media in manufacturing in Helsinki on 15 February 2012

Seminar social media in manufacturing in Helsinki on 15 February 2012The seminar “Sosiaalinen media teollisuudessa: käytännön kokemuksia kilpailukyvyn parantamisesta” (Social media in manufacturing: practical experiences on how to improve competitiveness) was held in Helsinki on 15 February 2012.

Except for the keynote presentation given by Lee Bryant from Dachis Group, all the presentations were in Finnish. I was one of the speakers at the event (video in Finnish is available here), and I published a generalized version of my presentation in this blog post just before the event.

In this post, I will take a look at what the other speakers had to say.

Opening speech, Jorma Turunen, CEO of The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries

Sosiaalinen media teollisuudessa – Avaus Jorma Turunen, Teknologiateollisuus from Teknologiateollisuus ry on Vimeo.

Just a few words to open the event, remarking that a similar event was held one year ago and people were clearly just learning this thing back then, and that he hopes to see measurable benefits that would further encourage companies to use social media.

Social media in manufacturing – introduction to the pre-study report and review of the past year, Harri Lakkala, CEO of Intosome (social media consulting firm)

Sosiaalinen media teollisuudessa – Harri Lakkala, Intosome Oy from Teknologiateollisuus ry on Vimeo.

I have previously written more about the pre-study report that Harri briefly discusses in this blog post.

Social media in the Savo region in Finland, Juha Anttila, CEO of HT Laser Oy

Sosiaalinen media teollisuudessa – Juha Anttila, HT Laser Oy from Teknologiateollisuus ry on Vimeo.

HT Laser is a metalworking subcontractor (CNC machining, laser cutting etc.) with an annual turnover of around 43 million euros.

Their thoughts on social media:

  • Social media must not be an isolated island
  • Social media needs to be measurably beneficial. And if it is, it must be used!
  • HT Laser uses social media internally between offices and with partners. They also plan to extend their use to external use.
  • First project carried out in social media: number of emails sent below 10! Email replaced.
  • Goals – reduce lead times, speed up R&D, reduce costs, keep customers informed, reduce travel costs, improve brand
  • Social media is compatible with Lean
  • Social media is a tool that gets the message through to younger employees

Information security in a cloud, Antti Tassberg, Senior Information Security Manager, Nokia Oyj

Sosiaalinen media teollisuudessa – Antti Tassberg, Nokia Oyj from Teknologiateollisuus ry on Vimeo.

  • Information security managers can encourage use of social media, find ways to use it safely, not hinder people
  • Using clouds requires planning: compatible IT architecture, security requirements, location of personal data (in which country is this information stored!)
  • Offline access to cloud, backups – some companies have lost data! Which is not good, as you can guess.
  • Choose your cloud service carefully, think whether the company will still be around in five years
  • Information security is an enabler that enables achieving the goals management sets

How can social business help European manufacturing, Lee Bryant, MD Europe, Dachis Group

Sosiaalinen media teollisuudessa – Lee Bryant, Dachis Group from Teknologiateollisuus ry on Vimeo.

This one is in English, unlike the other presentations.

  • Manufacturing not impacted by social media in a major way yet
  • Manufacturing is very important for Europe, need to find ways to use social media
  • Meetings, memos, cascading hierarchies are inefficient ways to organize work
  • Return on invested capital is shrinking, profits are not based on real value
  • You can design structures that get better as the number of users increase (Google, Wikipedia)
  • IT is ripe for re-invention, internal systems do not face the same competition as consumer products
  • Computers should be used to augment human intelligence, not replace it
  • 5 big trends: mobile (personal, any device), cloud (computing as a utility, anyone can set up servers easily), consumerisation (work experience has to be brought up to match home experience), big data and social analytics (harvest data and improve business), social (on the inside, not just the outside)
  • People are more important than the process
  • Various cases: Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia, Rheinmetall AG, BASF
  • Tips for European manufacturing:
    • Focus on quality for global brand recognition
    • Ecosystems of suppliers and partners – social can help a lot here!
    • Long tail markets, special widgets can be sold globally, even if the local market is small
    • Customer intimacy to build loyalty
    • User-generated products
    • Post-digital world
    • Mass customization
  • Nordic companies are still bureaucratic even if the organization is already more flat
  • Activity streams are adopted more easily than tools you have to go to

Quality manual and work instructions wiki in a small machine shop, Lassi Otranen, CEO, Reifer Oy

Sosiaalinen media teollisuudessa – Lassi Otranen, Reifer Oy from Teknologiateollisuus ry on Vimeo.

  • Reifer environment: small machine shop, batch size 1-2, thousands of products, how to manage data on what has been made and how?
  • Quality system existed in Word since -99: far from practice, not really in use in production. Put it in a wiki!
  • Quality manual updates discussed in weekly meetings
  • Computers at all workplaces, work instructions are easy to access when starting work
  • Creating the culture to save all information in wiki is still a work in progress, even though much has been achieved

Wärtsilä in social media, Amos Ahola, Senior Manager, Communications & Branding, Wärtsilä Oyj

Sosiaalinen media teollisuudessa – Amos Ahola, Wärtsilä Oyj from Teknologiateollisuus ry on Vimeo.

  • One year ago, Wärtsilä was thinking about what to do with social media, how a big B2B company can use social media
  • Current Wärtsilä vision, all employees are able and willing to use social media in daily business
  • To use social media, you need to know your business goal and know how to use social media
  • Wärtsilä on Facebook, content for employees and potential employees
  • On Twitter, Wärtsilä aggregates content about themselves and follows relevant news, 1400 followers
  • Wärtsilä in LinkedIn, targeted marketing, recruitment
  • Wärtsilä’s internal use of social media, Q&A forum that is accessed through intranet

The path from hype to business benefits – the phase and development of the social media phenomenon, Samuli Savo, Director, ICT-intensive strategies, Consulting, Market-Visio/Gartner

Sosiaalinen media teollisuudessa – Samuli Savo, Market-Visio/Gartner from Teknologiateollisuus ry on Vimeo.

  • Social media in companies is a billion dollar business in 2012
  • What companies look for in social media: #1 strengthen customer relationship, #2 enhance brand awareness
  • In this seminar, information sharing was the most talked about goal. Manufacturing cares about all aspects though.

Author: Ville Kilkku

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