Lean thinkers are not on social media and at what cost

Lean thinkers are not on social media and at what costI like Lean. It is a great idea on how to get the whole enterprise on the same boat and working together in a systematic, near-scientific manner. However, at times I wonder whether Lean is keeping up with the times (which is why I am working on refining my ideas on Lean social business), and one worrying symptom is that Lean thinkers at large have not embraced social media. This is rather surprising for an ideology that encourages large-scale participation, although a certain amount of technological skepticism and being more of a tortoise than a hare are common features in Lean and can explain this to an extent.

In this post, I will examine the state of Lean thinking on social media at the moment.

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The ethics and prudence of publishing paid content in blogs

Ethics and prudence of publishing paid content in blogsBloggers are influential nowadays, and where there is influence, there is money. Many bloggers want to monetize their blogs, and many marketers are happy to pay for exposure, so this looks like an ideal match.

In this post, I will examine the ways blogs are monetized and the ethical and prudential questions that arise from various forms of paid content in blogs. Continue reading

Blogging in a foreign language

Blogging in a foreign languageIt would be ideal if all blogs were written in the author’s native language. However, in many cases that is not practical.

What if the native language of your best subject-matter expert is not spoken in your main market areas? What if you are in charge of marketing in multiple countries, each with their own language?

I have previously explored this subject in my post Translating your blog, is there a good way to do it? In that post, I concluded that blogs are not ideal material for translation, and better results could be achieved by translating articles that are based on blog posts.

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Translating your blog, is there a good way to do it?

Is there a good way to translate a blog?Whereas English may at times seem prevalent online, the majority of people in the world do not speak it. Furthermore, only a small minority speak English as a native language. For all other languages, the audience figures look even worse, save perhaps for Chinese.

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6 features that make your blog a social media hub

Social media hubWhen starting a professional or business blog, you should aim to make it a social media hub. In order to do this, you need to ensure that your blogging platform offers six key features.

My choice to fulfill these criteria is self-hosted WordPress that is able to match all of these criteria through its extensive selection of plugins. The ideas themselves are universal and can be realized on multiple blogging platforms, but my examples on how to implement them are focused mostly on self-hosted WordPress. Continue reading