Crowdsourcing in the toy industry: LEGO Ideas

Crowdsourcing in the toy industry - LEGO IdeasCrowdsourcing has long held quite a bit of promise: who would not want to have customers participate in funding, marketing, or developing products for themselves and thus relieving the company from some of these tasks.

In the toy industry, crowdsourcing has recently made an appearance, so it is interesting to take a look at what has happened there and to consider what could happen in the future. The main focus of this post is LEGO Ideas, as it is by far the most visible example of crowdsourcing in the toy industry.

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The viral rampage of poor studies and dubious statistics

The viral rampage of poor studies and dubious statisticsStatistics and survey results are a great way to support your argument. Unfortunately, they are often misinterpreted, of low quality, or even completely made up. What’s worse, catchy headlines have a tendency to go viral with hardly any criticism, and as a result any claims spreading in the social space should be taken with a grain of salt.

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