Setting up Twitter accounts for business

Setting up Twitter accounts for businessIn this post, I examine various methods that companies use to set up their Twitter accounts, and how to set things up and choose user names.

The basic premise is a view of Twitter as a conversation and interaction platform that enables direct and immediate contact with more people than has ever before been possible, and what setup best utilizes this characteristic of Twitter. Continue reading “Setting up Twitter accounts for business”

6 features that make your blog a social media hub

Social media hubWhen starting a professional or business blog, you should aim to make it a social media hub. In order to do this, you need to ensure that your blogging platform offers six key features.

My choice to fulfill these criteria is self-hosted WordPress that is able to match all of these criteria through its extensive selection of plugins. The ideas themselves are universal and can be realized on multiple blogging platforms, but my examples on how to implement them are focused mostly on self-hosted WordPress. Continue reading “6 features that make your blog a social media hub”