Pen Flinger should be nerfed!

The scourge of current Hearthstone is Pen Flinger. While a tiny one-mana 1/1 might seem inconspicuous at first, it has a profound effect on the game and its players.

Some people have suggested nerfing it to a two-mana 2/2 to prevent its Spellburst effect from being triggered so many times, but even that would merely be a bandaid.

The real problem is the voice line. Being called a loser hundreds and hundreds of times cannot be good for the already questionable mental health of the poor card game addicts who have to listen to it over and over again.

In Battlegrounds, Blizzard went over the top to make Bob a positive influence. Bob will tell you that things are OK even after you completely mess up your turn and you’re in the last place with one health left. You’ve got this!

Sure, we joke about Pen Flinger.

Or do we? There is always a hint of truth in humor, and we use it as a coping mechanism.

The real fix to Pen Flinger is to change its voice lines and speed up its animations. It could just say “Hey!”, or “Catch!”, or even “Cowabunga!” (probably not possible due to copyright reasons). Just make it quick to hit the board and fast to return back to hand. That would improve the lives of millions of people.