Best Green Screen for Streamers: Elgato Green Screen long-term use review

Old Guardian streaming with an Elgato green screen

If you don’t want to show your room to the world while streaming on Twitch or on Youtube videos, it is a good idea to invest in a green screen. Once you have a green screen, you can set up a chroma key filter in your streaming software to replace your background with the game graphics (or anything else) for an appearance similar to the above picture, which is taken from my stream.

I have been using an Elgato Green Screen for three years. Because I do not have a permanent place for it, I needed a portable green screen, and Elgato’s product has been a perfect fit for my needs.

Setting up the screen takes just seconds: you flip the support legs to a perpendicular position, open the case, and pull up the screen itself. It can be freely adjusted and maintains its position automatically.

I have opened and closed the screen more than a thousand times and it still works flawlessly.

At one point, I was streaming from my bedroom, and simply stored the green screen under my bed between streams. The case is made of aluminum and it is robust.

Currently, I stream from my home office, where I do not have space to keep the green screen open all the time, so it simply waits on the floor in the corner for stream time. Setting it up takes mere seconds.

The size is perfect for streaming: at 148 cm wide and 180 cm tall, it is not a movie production green screen, but instead, something that fits into small spaces that you can pull up behind your chair for some streaming.

I have had it as close as 10 cm from my chair: if it’s a place from where you can stream, you can fit the green screen there too. If you need to move it around a lot, remember to check that it covers the entire background before going live!

I have actually taken the green screen with me on holiday trips so that I can stream from holiday homes as well. It fits snugly inside my roof box! I originally thought about saving the package it was delivered in, but it turned out that the case is sturdy enough to transport by itself. It has traveled in my roof box for more than 4000 kilometers by now.

If I had a permanent place for a green screen, it would obviously be an option to build one myself. However, the Elgato Green Screen has been fabulous for me: extremely transportable, perfectly set up in seconds, and highly durable.

You can find the Elgato Green Screen from multiple vendors, including Amazon (affiliate links):