Kilkku Consulting

Consultant, speaker, writer

I provide management consulting services, give speeches and presentations, and write content for websites.

My areas of expertise include strategic Lean, change leadership, social collaboration, and online communities. On a more casual side, I am well-versed in digital card and strategy games, such as Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone video game.

You can find my work online on sites such as PC Gamer and Hearthstone Top Decks. I am also on Youtube as the Old Guardian channel.

You can find more information on my background from my LinkedIn profile.

Kilkku Consulting is registered in Finnish and Danish registers.

Business ID: 2183312-4 (Finland), 41068442 (Denmark)

I am currently based in Denmark, but work globally.

You can contact me by email at or call me at +358 50 588 5043.