Galakrond Secret Rogue deck guide – Hearthstone Ashes of Outland

Galakrond Secret Rogue has become one of the top meta decks in Ashes of Outland after the second balance patch. It is largely Galakrond Rogue business as usual from Descent of Dragons, with a small twist brought about by the new Rogue Secrets, Shadowjeweler Hanar, and Blackjack Stunners.

The main plan is still to invoke Galakrond, draw free cards from that and from Wondrous Wand from Heistbaron Togwaggle, and either kill the opponent with all of those free resources or, if that fails, slowly outvalue them with tons and tons of random stuff from Lackeys.

There is of course also Edwin VanCleef in the deck, so that you can just make a huge Edwin in some games and just win before the game goes much further.

Now there is an opportunity to get even more random stuff with Shadowjeweler Hanar giving you access to Secrets from all classes. If Hanar lives, the endless Secret train can make life miserable for the opponent.

However, do not get too fond of Hanar and trickstery, remember that you also have a game to win! I occasionally see players play endless Secrets and forget to apply pressure and then lose when the opponent just goes face and ignores all the Secrets. Get value from Hanar, but be ready to let go when just playing more Secrets does not advance your main goal of winning the game.

Galakrond Secret Rogue decklist

Deck code: AAECAaIHCLICkpcDwa4D47QDzrkDub4Dy8AD+8QDC7QBiAePlwP1pwO5rgP+rgOqrwPOrwO5uAPMuQPQuQMA

This list is just your regular Rogue list, nothing too special about it. It is the currently recommended list from Vicious Syndicate.

The most interesting thing about this list is that it includes four Secrets in it. Determining the optimal number of Secrets to include for your synergies – the Secrets themselves are not too interesting – is difficult, but Vicious Syndicate claims that their data analysis has determined four to be the optimal number to include.

Once you settle on the number of Secrets to include, it is easier to look at various statistics and see that Ambush is the best-performing Rogue Secret and Bamboozle and Dirty Tricks are quite even in performance. Hence, two copies of Ambush and one copy of the others seems like a good package.

This list includes four one-drops as it includes both the Pharaoh Cats and the Spymistresses. That is strong against aggressive decks such as Demon Hunter and Hunter.

There are no Shadowsteps, as Leeroy Jenkins is no longer available in Standard.

Galakrond Secret rogue mulligan

There are three cards that you want to keep in every matchup: Shadowjeweler Hanar, Pharaoh Cat, and Spymistress. If you have Hanar, you want to keep a Secret, but you do not want to keep Secrets without synergies.

Against aggressive decks, you also want to keep Backstab.

On the Coin, you want to keep Edwin VanCleef. Edwin is not strong enough to keep when going first.

Galakrond Secret Rogue gameplay

Finally, here is a gameplay video of the deck that showcases how it can overwhelm opponents.