Updated Mecha’thun Warrior for April 2020 (Hearthstone deck)

Not long after I updated my old Mecha’thun Warrior deck with the improved Kael’thas Sunstrider combo, Hearthstone Hall of Fame arrived to take away my precious Acolyte of Pain.

Don’t worry! I managed to fix the deck one more time for one last week in Standard.

Mecha’thun Warrior decklist

Deck code: AAECAQcIkAf09QK49gKS+ALx+wLerQPfrQOuugMLS5ADogT8BP8HnfACm/MCs/wCn6ED8qgDpLYDAA==

The current Mecha’thun Warrior combo is The Boomship pulling Mecha’thun and Kael’thas Sunstrider, then Whirlwind to damage them, and finally a zero-cost Plague of Wrath (thanks Kael!) to finish them off. There can also be an optional third minion of any size, as long as it does not have Divine Shield or a summoning Deathrattle (unless you can rush it into something first).

The new combo enables Deathwing, Mad Aspect in the deck because you can always pull it as part of the combo if you do not need it earlier. There is also more redundancy compared to the old Malygos combo because Inner Rages are no longer needed and Whirlwind and Plague of Wrath can be run in two copies, of which only one copy is needed for the combo.

Card draw is more difficult now with Acolyte of Pain gone, and the deck is consequently a little weaker. I had the most success with this list that includes both Town Criers and Risky Skippers (and Ancharrr to tutor the Skippers).

Unfortunately, I had to cut Armorsmith to make room for the Rush package, and that weakens the survivability of the deck somewhat. I also tried with Armorsmiths but without the Rush package, but that was worse because then I did not draw through my deck fast enough.

As an upside, I was able to include the upgraded Dr. Boom, Mad Genius, so now you can always get rid of unwanted Brawls near the end of the game.

Mecha’thun Warrior mulligan

Ancharrr and Town Crier are the two main cards you mulligan for. With less armor gain around, Eternium Rover has become more important against aggressive decks, and you may also want to keep an eye out for Risky Skipper and Battle Rage now.

Mecha’thun Warrior gameplay video

Finally, here is a gameplay video with the updated deck. I hope it provides you further insight into how the deck works.