Galakrond Priest deck guide – Hearthstone Ashes of Outland

If you’re looking to play a control deck in Hearthstone Ashes of Outland, Galakrond Priest is one of the few options available to you. It is a deck full of removal and healing that just keeps destroying everything thrown at it and then using the Hero Power of Priest’s Galakrond to generate an infinite stream of threats to win the game – if the opponent has not conceded by then.

In Priest’s new class identity, their weaknesses are card draw and burst damage. Galakrond Priest attempts to overcome the lack of card draw with card generation, often as copies from the opponent’s hand or deck. As for burst damage, well, that one it cannot do too much about, ending the games is a grind.

Galakrond Priest decklist

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I like this Galakrond Priest list in the current meta. Double Apotheosis can keep you in games long enough to gain control.

Murozond the Infinite is sweet against Rogues: ideally, you want to copy their Wondrous Wand turn for free card draw and swing back even harder than their original swing turn.

Mo’arg Artificer can boost your Penance to destroy major threats and heal you a lot at the same time.

Soul Mirror is simply insanely good and often a card that you want to pick up from Renew as well.

Galakrond Priest mulligan

You always want Disciple of Galakrond in the mulligan. Getting on the board on turn one is always a good start to a game of Hearthstone.

Beyond that, it depends.

Penance and Breath of the Infinite are good, generic keeps against aggressive decks. Holy Nova is a bit more specific in its power against Demon Hunter.

Thoughtsteal is often a useful card against midrange decks.

Galakrond is your go-to card in the slowest matchups, especially the mirror.

Galakrond Priest gameplay videos

Here are some gameplay videos of the deck in action.

Priest mirror:

A couple of unfavored matchups: Highlander Hunter and Galakrond Rogue:

I hope these showcase how to pilot the deck.