Control Galakrond Shaman deck in Ashes of Outland (Hearthstone)

I have been experimenting with several Shaman builds, and this one is so far my favorite. I don’t think Shaman is very strong right now, so it is yet another list with which I’ve been hovering at 50% winrate, but this one at least feels like it could be piloted better to at least slightly improve the winrate.

As an upside, my best matchup is Demon Hunter with over 60% winrate.

Control Galakrond Shaman decklist

Deck code: AAECAaoIBOO0A+a3A9PAA5PCAw2yBq2RA4qUA8edA+GlA5CnA7mtA/6uA6qvA9CvA9u4A5i5A+W+AwA=

This is a pure Control Shaman deck. Because Shaman has weak card draw, the deck is stuffed full of removal to ensure that enough removal is drawn to answer the main threats you will encounter.

Hench-Clan Hogsteed and Invocation of Frost provide early answers to Demon Hunter, while Plague of Murlocs deal with Druid’s Soul of the Forst or a Priest board, sometimes in combination with Waste Warden to deal damage to all Murlocs on the board.

Waste Warden is also useful against Demons and Beasts, so it can hit Demon Hunter and Druids who use Glowfly Swarm and Exotic Mountseller.

The Galakrond package provides plenty of small Rush minions to deal with various threats, as well as the eventual big Galakrond with 8/8 minions and a 5/2 weapon.

The Fist of Raden provides some additional threats, especially in combination with board clears because the effect triggers after the spell, so your summoned minion will survive.

Walking Fountains provide some much-needed healing combined with removal, and are even a threat if they survive.

Control Galakrond Shaman mulligan

Against aggressive decks, you look for Hench-Clan Hogsteed, Invocation of Frost and Hagatha’s Scheme.

Waste Warden is a keep against Demon Hunters and Druids, and Plague of Murlocs is good against Druids and Priests.

Galakrond itself can be kept in slow matchups.

Other Galakrond Invoke cards can be kept when they complete a curve with other removal tools.

Control Galakrond Shaman gameplay video

Finally, here is a recording of some of my gameplay with the deck. I hope it helps you to understand how the deck is supposed to function.