Budget Resurrect Priest deck guide – Hearthstone Ashes of Outland

Cheap control decks are hard to come by in Hearthstone, as they typically run a boatload of Legendary cards. Resurrect Priest is an exception in that it can be built fairly inexpensively: nut fully on budget, but you only need four Epic cards and no Legendary cards to build a working version of the deck.

I first built Budget Resurrect Priest for Galakrond’s Awakening, and have received numerous requests to update the list for Ashes of Outland. So, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work, and here is a fully functional Resurrect Priest on a budget!

Note that Blizzard will nerf Bad Luck Albatross soon. At the time I’m writing this, the exact nerf is not yet known, so it is uncertain whether it can stay in the deck or if it needs to be replaced.

Budget Resurrect Priest decklist

Deck code: AAECAa0GApibA8jAAw7JBtMK1gqClAOZmwOhoQOvpQPRpQOZqQOfqQPyrAP9sAOTugOWugMA

There are four mandatory Epic cards for building Budget Resurrect Priest: two copies of Psychopomp and two copies of Plague of Death are needed for the deck to succeed.

Other than that, it’s all rares and commons – and the free Galakrond that allows you to challenge other control decks – so the overall cost of the deck is 3340 dust.

One of the key cards in the budget version is Psyche Split: you can multiply your Sandhoof Waterbearers and even copy something from the opponent and Shadow Word: Death the original. If you don’t have nice cards, but the opponent does, why not grab some of those?

Other than that, it is Resurrect Priest as usual. Defend, survive, resurrect your key minions, and win. You outlast aggressive decks, and against slow decks, you usually fill their deck with Albatrosses and then win through tempo from resurrect effects and Galakrond minions. Sometimes you can also try to fatigue slow opponents, in which case you avoid playing the Albatrosses, but filling their deck with junk is typically the more reliable way.

Budget Resurrect Priest mulligan

Against aggressive decks, you look for your early defensive tools: Breath of the Infinite, Holy Nova, and Penance.

Against slow decks, you want to fill their deck with junk and grind them out with Galakrond, so you look for Bad Luck Albatross, Psychopomp, and Galakrond.

Budget Resurrect Priest upgrade path

I am actually not very impressed with the current Resurrect Priest decklists. It seems that the archetype is not seeing a lot of innovation even though it sees a fair amount of play.

Cutting Sandhoofs, not running Psyche Split, and including weak minions like Bone Wraith just seems quite inefficient, and statistics are showing the same.

The biggest individual upgrade you can make to the deck is to add Soul Mirror. Despite adding more stuff to your resurrect pool, the card is the best performer in Resurrect Priest decks. Cut a Mass Dispel to make room for it.

Another upgrade that I like is to add Catrina Muerte. You can cut Forbidden Words or perhaps a Mass Dispel to fit it in.

Other than that, I am not convinced that the current meta lists have any improvements in them. If you want to add Bone Wraiths, Archmage Vargoth, and Skeletal Dragons, you can, of course, do so, there are plenty of decklists all over the internet.

Budget Resurrect Priest gameplay

Finally, here is some gameplay material with the deck. I played this list with a 70% winrate from Diamond 10 to Diamond 6 during my budget climb.