Budget Boar Face Hunter – it is possible to play fully budget Face Hunter again!

After mediocre success with a fully budget Dragon Hunter, I started experimenting with the Stonetusk Boar package. It is something I mentioned already when playing the previous deck as something that I want to explore, and I started the exploration journey with a Face Hunter deck.

Before the rotation, Face Hunter was not the cheapest budget deck: Toxic Reinforcements was mandatory to achieve success, and that meant an additional 800 dust to craft tow Epic cards. Toxic Reinforcements is still good, but thanks to the Boar package, it is no longer mandatory.

The Boar package is simple: Scavenger’s Ingenuity tutors Beasts from your deck and buffs them up, so you build a deck with only two different Beasts: Stonetusk Boar for Charge and Phase Stalker for pulling Secrets from your deck. Then your Scavenger’s Ingenuity will always tutor for one or the other.

Add in Scrap Shot, and you can buff a Boar in hand to some quite sweet numbers. For example, a 4/4 Board from Scavenger’s Ingenuity becomes a 7/7 with Scrap Shot, and with Scrap Shot going face, that means potential to deal 10 damage for five mana.

The Boar package can be put in different shells. Meati has built a full-cost Dragon Hunter that includes it (and I’m in the process of building a budget one), but it also goes nicely into Face Hunter.

I played this budget list from Diamond 6 to Diamond 5 with a 55% winrate during my budget climb.

Budget Boar Face Hunter decklist

Deck code: AAECAR8AD6gCtQPJBIgFkgWXCNsJ/gzzpwP5rgP7rwP8rwOiuQP5ugP/ugMA

This deck costs only 1240 dust, so it is one of the cheapest budget decks available. Not Demon Hunter cheap, but cheap nonetheless.

Just pure face goodness and the Boar package. That’s it. Don’t go for the copy effects to multiply your Boars, they are just too slow and unreliable. Stick with the basics for better success.

Budget Boar Face Hunter mulligan

You mulligan for your early-game: Dwarven Sharpshooter, Blazing Battlemage, Scavenger’s Ingenuity, Phase Stalker, and Imprisoned Felmaw. That’s it.

Budget Boar Face Hunter upgrades

It is still a Face Hunter deck, and Toxic Reinforcements is still a spectacular Face Hunter card. You can replace Imprisoned Felmaw with that.

Imprisoned Felmaw has been the weakest card in the deck for me. It is a lot of fun if you get it on the board early, but it is a weak draw later on and not always effective even at the start, so it can go if a better substitute is available.

Budget Boar Face Hunter gameplay video

Finally, here is some gameplay material with the deck from my budget climb. I hope it showcases the ways to make the most out of the Boar package. Also note how good the pre-nerf Frenzied Felwing was, and how this deck should grow more powerful with the nerf.