Mecha’thun Warrior is back with Kael’thas – Hearthstone deck guide March 2020

The addition of Kael’thas Sunstrider into Hearthstone before the rest of the Ashes of Outland expansion has kindled new life into an old combo deck: Mecha’thun Warrior has returned!

Now, the meta is not kind to combo and control decks at the moment. Withstanding the onslaught from Galakrond Warriors, Dragon Hunters, and Galakrong Rogues is by no means easy, but Kael’thas simplifies the Mecha’thun Warrior combo and thereby makes the deck, if not exactly top tier, at least playable.

It is one of the most challenging decks to play in the current meta, but one where perfect decisions are rewarded with a fair number of victories. I was able to win half of my games with it, and with sufficient practice, that number could be improved upon.

If you’re looking for a challenge, look no further!

Mecha’thun Warrior decklist

Deck code: AAECAQcGkAe49gLx+wLerQPfrQOuugMMS5ADogTUBPwE/wf7DJvzAvT1ArP8AvKoA6S2AwA=

I played around with several variants of the list and liked this one the best.

The combo is always the same: The Boomship to pull Mecha’thun and Kael’thas Sunstrider from hand, then Whirlwind, and then Plague of Wrath, which is now free thanks to Kael’thas.

This combo is superior to the old Malygos and Inner Rage version because it requires one card less, and it has more redundancy: you can have two copies of Whirlwind and Plague of Wrath in the deck, but only need to use one of each for the combo, whereas you needed to save both copies of Inner Rage for the old combo.

Furthermore, the Kael’thas combo can kill minions of any size. Because there is one extra space in The Boomship – it can summon three minions – you can have one extra minion in hand when you go for your combo turn, and now that there is no size limit, I have chosen to include Deathwing, Mad Aspect as another defensive tool in the deck.

This list with Risky Skippers and Battle Rages as the draw mechanic seems to work best. I also tried Town Criers and Rush minions, but that did not work out nearly as well. In my initial versions, I sometimes had problems finding my Skippers in time, but with the addition of Ancharrr, I am now finding them much more consistently, and the deck is more reliable.

There is a weakness with double Brawl: if your opponent refuses to play minions, you can get stuck with a Brawl in hand because Brawl can only be played when there are at least two minions on the board. I tried to play with just one Brawl, but the general meta is too aggressive and you need all your board clears.

In a very slow matchup, you can simply Brawl away your small minions, but I managed to lose to a Bomb Warrior while testing the deck, because I had to use my small minions to generate armor and could not get rid of the second Brawl. How I found a Bomb Warrior fairly high in Legend is another matter, but I guess anything can happen.

The old versions of the deck used to run Dr. Boom, Mad Genius to ensure that you can play your Brawls, but Boom is slow against all the heavy aggression on the ladder now. It is tough to find the right balance between various options for optimal performance.

Mecha’thun Warrior mulligan

With no statistics available on the archetype, the optimal mulligan is difficult to determine. I look for Acolyte of Pain and Ancharrr as my top picks, but may also keep other cards if they have synergies together.

Mecha’thun Warrior tips and tricks

While you aim to win with the combo, sometimes you need to use your minions early to survive. If you can gain a lot of armor, The Boomship pulling a lone Mecha’thun and using Shield Slam on that can do the trick. Sometimes Mecha’thun just goes face for the win, if you need to pull it with The Boomship early.

Various Risky Skipper combos are essential for the deck. Eternium Rover, Armorsmith, Acolyte of Pain, and Battle Rage can be used with the card to generate armor and draw cards. Alternatively, Warpath can be used to damage your own minions too.

Weapons Project can be used for early removal, to remove an opponent’s weapon, and to draw cards with Harrison Jones.

There is a lot of card draw in the deck. If you find all your combo pieces early, remember that you can burn cards by overdrawing, you do not have to get them all into your hand anymore.

Mecha’thun Warrior gameplay

Finally, here is a recap of the guide on video alongside some gameplay with the deck.