Malygos Druid is still good in Galakrond’s Awakening!

I recently browsed through all the meta decks to see what happens to them in the rotation, and something surprising caught my eye: Malygos Druid is not played anymore.

Fine, I guess the variant with Ysera is just so much better, I thought.

I could not stop thinking about it though. Is it really that bad? Therefore, I picked up my old decklist from Doom in the Tomb (yeah, it had been a while since I played the deck) and decided to update it for Galakrond’s Awakening.

Turns out, the deck still functions perfectly fine. You can draw quickly to your combo, and the new Druid cards from Galakrond’s Awakening, Steel Beetle and Rising Winds, fit right into the deck. After a little bit of tweaking, I had a great list that was winning the majority of its games.

So, if you’re interested in playing a combo deck, Malygos Druid is still here, and it is as good as ever.

Malygos Druid decklist

Deck code: AAECAZICBrQDrtIC5PsC9fwC+KED9KIDDEBWX/4B0wPEBqmiA8iiA++iA9mpA/m1A8a3AwA=

Here is the list I ended up with and it works like a charm.

Jepetto was a bit too slow for the current meta, I gave it a try, but it did not deliver. Any sort of hybridization with Ysera – I have seen such builds on HSReplay – is just useless, you have tons of damage with your combo so you do not care about building a board.

I opted to use Steel Beetle in this over Ferocious Howl because it is possible to draw too many cards and have trouble emptying your hand. I believe the Beetle is a good way to keep the armor gain, but if you feel that you can afford to draw more, Ferocious Howl also remains an option.

Malygos Druid mulligan

Mulligan is the same as with Quest Druid: you always keep the Quest and Crystal Merchant, and then you look for some defensive tools (Wrath, Oasis Surger) for fast matchups and card draw for slow matchups. Nourish is a keep whenever you dare, even in fast matchups if you have a good early game already.

Malygos Druid tips and tricks

Think carefully about how much damage you need to win and how you are going to do it. Your damage spells are Moonfire and Swipe, and you can make more copies with Elise. You can spend some of your damage spells to defend during the game.

You can discount Elise and/or Malygos with Dreampetal Florist: one of my favorite moves is to Floop the Florist for more discount rolls, although in slow matchups you can also use the Floop as Malygos, even twice if you copy it with Elise first.

A single Malygos with double Moonfire and double Swipe is 30 damage. If Malygos has the Florist discount, that is available for ten mana.

Double Malygos with four Moonfires is 44 damage. This can be done with discounted Malygos or with two Floops after playing the real Malygos on a previous turn. The deck can deal a lot of damage.

Other than the combo, it is Quest Druid gameplay as usual: defend, complete the quest, start getting some crazy value from your Choose One cards, and win the game. The combo is damage-based, so any chip damage you can deal during the game makes it easier to pull off. You don’t need to draw your entire deck to use parts of the combo either!

Malygos Druid gameplay video

Finally, here is a video with a recap of this guide and some Legend gameplay with the deck.