Highlander Priest is the new good Priest deck after Priest rework

With the Priest rework, Blizzard removed all combo win conditions from Priest. However, Priest received a number of useful new cards in the rework that make it easier to build a Control Priest deck, and it is even possible to build a Highlander Priest at the moment.

Highlander Priest is still largely unrefined, at it does not look like the list can be fine-tuned during the brief meta we are currently in, but it will be a contender in Ashes of Outland: with all the new Priest tools, Highlander Priest’s survivability and control capabilities are on par with Highlander Warrior with the exception of damage-based combo decks that remain strong against it – in the current meta, that means Malygos Rogue.

Highlander Priest decklist

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This is my take on Highlander Priest. While many others have opted to go with Dragons, I do not think there are that many strong Dragon synergy cards for Priest right now, so while that path is viable, it is not superior to ignoring the Dragon synergies altogether and only using individual strong Dragons without benefiting from their tribe tag.

Invoking Galakrond is not essential for Priest. I have chosen to use Disciple of Galakrond for an early minion that provides additional resources and Time Rip for unconditional hard removal.

There is room for plenty of tricks in Highlander Rogue. There is a Scarlet Subjugator to reduce the attack of an enemy minion that can be used with Forbidden Words, Shadow Word: Pain, Shadow Madness, and Cabal Shadow Priest.

Mindflayer Kaahrj can make copies of enemy minions and Murozond is surprisingly powerful in a strong Rogue meta, because it can be used to cast Wondrous Wand to draw three free cards to answer Rogue’s tempo turn. Unfortunately, it cannot recast Rogue’s Galakrond’s Battlecry effect to draw free cards from that too.

The new cheap Thoughtsteal is excellent for resource generation in a meta full of Galakrond decks because you can benefit from stolen Invoke cards thanks to your own Galakrond.

Natalie Seline has proven to be a powerful single-target removal tool.

I also really like Omega Medic (rotating out soon, unfortunately) in Galakrond decks because it gives you access to a lot of healing after you have lost your healing Hero Power.

Another soon-to-be-rotating card that I like is Seance because it can give you copies of powerful minions: Archivist Elysiana, for example, if someone tries that, or even your own Zephrys.

Ashes of Outland will add multiple strong candidates to the list, so even though some good cards rotate out of Standard, it looks like they will be easy to replace.

Highlander Priest gameplay video

Finally, here is a gameplay video showcasing the deck. I hope it gives you a deeper understanding of its strengths and how to pilot it.