Highlander Hunter deck guide – Hearthstone March 2020

Highlander Hunter is one of the strongest decks in Hearthstone. It is the most flexible Hunter deck in the game, with a toolbox that can handle any situation.

The main strength of Highlander Hunter is that it always has a chance. Sure, it has its share of unfavorable matchups, such as Mech Paladin and Dragon Hunter, but it is never in a hopeless position: even those unfavorable matchups can be won. This makes playing the deck rewarding because you are not completely at the mercy of whatever matchups you are able to roll.

With Zephrys the Great, Dinotamer Brann, and Dragonqueen Alexstrasza in the mix, Highlander Hunter has its fair share of power cards. The nature of Highlander decks means that there are lots of Legendary cards in the deck, so this one is, unfortunately, on the more expensive side when it comes to Hearthstone decks.

Highlander Hunter decklist

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I tried out a couple of different approaches to the deck and eventually came up with this list. I do not currently use the Secret package with Phase Stalker, although that is a perfectly viable alternative. By cutting the Secret package, I was able to fit in seven Dragons, and I like the added consistency that those bring more than I like the Secrets at the moment.

Because Rogue is such a common opponent, I have chosen to include Injured Tol’vir and Boompistol Bully to tech against them.

Highlander Hunter mulligan

You have plenty of good cards for the midgame and late-game with Highlander Hunter. The important part is to get there.

Mulligan aggressively for your early-game cards, such as Blazing Battlemage, Dwarven Sharpshooter, and Zephrys the Great.

Faerie Dragon and Injured Tol’vir are great against Rogue, and Faerie Dragon can also be good in slow matchups where you want to be aggressive.

Desert Spear is a good defensive tool against decks that flood the board.

Highlander Hunter tips and tricks

Zephrys the Great is an extremely flexible card. It can give you board clears and direct damage for lethal, but it can also give you so much more. I find it hard to always keep in mind all the various things you can get from it, such as the two-mana Windfury spell for lethal with Leeroy Jenkins or the zero-cost Sacrificial Pact to kill a Frenzied Felwing while healing yourself at the same time. It is great at almost any stage of the game.

Veranus is great to combo with Unleash the Hounds for a full board clear. Sometimes Desert Spear and Springpaw can also do the trick. Desert Spear and Springpaw also make for great targets for Faceless Corruptor.

Do not underestimate the flexibility of Siamat. Sure, most commonly it is either Rush with Divine Shield to take a value trade or Windfury with Divine Shield to be a major threat next turn, but Taunt can also be useful and sometimes you also sacrifice it with Rush and Windfury to take out multiple threats or a single 4/12 Dragon.

You have a lot of threats, but they are not infinite. The main plan is to apply increasing amounts of pressure until the opponent crumbles.

Highlander Hunter gameplay video

Finally, here is a video of Highlander Hunter in action. I hope it helps you to understand the deck better.