Hearthstone HCT Copa America Autumn April 2018 Tour Stop decks, results, and analysis

Hearthstone HCT Copa America Autumn April 2018 Tour Stop finals were played from 5th April to 8th April 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was an online qualifier Hearthstone Championship Tour Stop, where 16 players had qualified from among thousands to compete for a $15,000 USD prize pool and HCT points.

HCT Copa America Autumn was the last Tour Stop of Year of the Mammoth before the Standard rotation. As the rotation takes place in a matter of days, this piece is shorter than usual, given the short remaining time left for the decks used in the tournament.

In this post, I take a look at the decks and results of the tournament, including class distribution and archetypes.


The event was played in a best-of-five Conquest format with one ban. It started with double-elimination groups followed by a top-8 single-elimination playoffs.

The tournament was broadcasted on Twitch:

Tournament brackets: https://blizzardcopaamerica.com/en-us/hearthstone/results

Final results:

1st Muzzy $4,000 + 15 HCT points
2nd BoarControl $2,000 + 12 HCT points
3rd – 4th Nalguidan


$1,000 + 10 HCT points
5th – 8th Hoej




$750 + 8 HCT points
9th – 16th Macheen








$500 + 6 HCT points
17th – 32nd

(played online in March 2018)

















4 HCT points


Class distribution

The decklists are available on the Copa America website: https://blizzardcopaamerica.com/en-us/hearthstone/news/21688363

Classes from the most popular to the least popular:

  • Priest: 15
  • Warlock: 15
  • Paladin: 10
  • Mage: 8
  • Hunter: 7
  • Rogue: 5
  • Warrior: 2
  • Druid: 1
  • Shaman: 1

Class representation was as expected. If anything, it was a surprise that not everyone brought Priest and Warlock – and Dizdemon even made it to the top-8 with a Druid and no Warlock in his lineup. Edelweiss brought Shaman, but it did not work out this time either.


Even though there are two very dominant classes in the meta (Warlock and Priest) followed by two other usually popular choices (Paladin and Mage), all classes were seen in Copa America – although it could be argued whether Shaman really deserved to be there. Be that as it may, there were 22 different archetypes in the tournament, which is astonishing variety this late in the meta in a tournament of only 16 players!

Warlock remains the battle between Control and Cube. Cube has had the upper hand and was again the most popular archetype with 8 players bringing it whereas 6 players brought Control, and one player brought Zoo.

Priest exhibits a huge variety of archetypes. Combo Priest is the most popular one (6), but there were also Spiteful Priests (3), Control Priests (3), Big Priests (2), and a Mind Blast Priest (1). Five competitive archetypes for a single class, that is rare in Hearthstone.

The Paladin builds brought to the tournament were peculiar: No Murloc Paladins! Six Beardo OTK Paladins! Now that’s way different from what we’ve seen just weeks ago. Silver Hand Paladin was still believed in by three players (and was present in the Grand Final) and one player brought Rally Vally Pally.

Surprises continued for Mage: Only one Secret Mage! Two pure Freeze Mages! What? At least the most popular archetype was the familiar Big Spell Mage, brought by four players, and one player also brought Exodia Mage.

Hunter, on the other hand, has exactly one dominant archetype, and that is built on Barnes and Y’Shaarj, who are about to rotate out in mere days. Spell Hunter was chosen by seven players, but we’ll see if the archetype can live on the back of Rhok’delar and Spellstone or whether this was its final breath.

Rogues in tournaments have often been Quest Rogues, and it was the most popular archetype of the class again with four players bringing it. One player brought Tempo Rogue.

Both competitive Warrior archetypes were represented with one player brining each: one Fatigue Warrior and one Pirate Warrior.

One Evolve Shaman also ran. Shaman is the class most waiting for the rotation, we’ll see if Hagatha can bring the class back from the shadows.

All archetypes by class:


  • 8 Cubelocks
  • 6 Control Warlocks
  • 1 Zoolock


  • 6 Combo Priests
  • 3 Spiteful Priests
  • 3 Control Priests
  • 2 Big Priests
  • 1 Mind Blast Priest


  • 6 Beardo Paladins
  • 3 Silver Hand Paladins
  • 1 Rally Vally Paladin


  • 4 Big Spell Mages
  • 2 Freeze Mages
  • 1 Secret Mage
  • 1 Exodia Mage


  • 7 Spell Hunters


  • 1 Jade Druid


  • 4 Quest Rogues
  • 1 Tempo Rogue


  • 1 Fatigue Warrior
  • 1 Pirate Warrior


  • 1 Evolve Shaman