Journey to Un’Goro: King Mosh and the return of Control Warrior

Hearthstone’s Journey to Un’Goro expansion card reveal season is underway, and the latest released card is the Warrior class legendary minion, King Mosh.

This might just be the thing Control Warrior needs to get back up!

King Mosh

King Mosh is a 9-mana 9/7 Beast minion with a Battlecry to destroy all damaged minions. Effectively, it acts as a board clear (together with some damage-dealing capabilities) and a tempo swing – much like Deathwing but depending on a two-card combo instead of discarding your entire hand.

This is huge for Control Warrior, as the tempo swing created by King Mosh can make the Jade Druid matchups less punishing, and this additional board clear can help Control Warrior run Jade Shaman out of threats: it is already very close to be able to do that, and this addition could be just what is needed.

One could even consider running both King Mosh and Deathwing to be able to clean up twice in the late game, ideally with King Mosh first followed up by Deathwing later. Even if the opponent has removal for King Mosh, it will reduce their chances to deal with Deathwing later.

Control Warrior’s staple area-of-effect spell Revenge is rotating out, so Whirlwind is likely to see more play. As Whirlwind is conveniently a 1-mana spell, it can be cast on the same turn as King Mosh is played at 10 mana, completing the two-card combo. You can also still fit in Sleep with the Fishes – which is currently paired with Revenge or Ravaging Ghoul – to make your other Whirlwind a bit more effective.

The new old normal

If Journey to Un’Goro gives Control Warrior the tools to challenge Jade decks better and also limits the power of the most aggressive decks a little (and the released cheap taunt minions indicate that it might), we might return back to earlier days where aggro exists but does not completely rule, Control Warrior punishes aggro and takes many other decks to the late game, and non-Jade midrange decks return and can punish Control Warrior with endless token generation – Paladin and Hunter, I’m looking at you.