The many faces of guest posts

Many faces of guest postsGuest posts are a common practice in the blogosphere, and a common marketing tool for new authors. However, there are many other uses for guest posts as well.

In this post, I will examine various types of guest posts and the benefits they offer for the post authors and the blog hosts.

Benefits of guest posts for the host

One reason for authors to write guest posts is marketing. However, the host also needs to receive some benefits from publishing guest posts, otherwise this practice could not have begun.

One major benefit is that guest posts reduce the workload of the host while maintaining a steady publishing schedule. This is especially useful for daily blogs, and good examples of popular blogs that utilize guest posts to keep publishing content at a steady pace include {grow} and Problogger. Hey, it might even let these guys have a vacation sometime.

Another benefit is that guest posts bring up different points of view on your topics that you could not have written yourself. Want to have an important hub? Give your readers more than they know to ask for.

Furthermore, guest posts are social networking. Even an A-list blogger can benefit from making friends, having them contribute over at his blog, and contributing in their blogs in turn. The exposure to slightly different audiences can be beneficial for both. Furthermore, being social does not have to be about benefits: guest post opportunities can be offered to friends for no particular gain.

One benefit that is less commonly sought is that guest posts by recognized experts increase the credibility and traffic of your blog. A good example of corporate use of this is the American Express Open Forum that includes contributions from people like Guy Kawasaki and Shel Israel.

I realize that some people consider guest posts to be essentially free, and would not consider paid contributions to be guest posts at all. However, I do not think this distinction is necessary or even particularly useful: a guest post is simply any post by a visiting author. If the host considers the benefits important enough to pay for a guest post, that’s perfectly fine.

However, I don’t think this applies the other way around. Guest posts where the author pays the host for a chance to publish a guest post can be extremely harmful, as they either are advertisements in disguise or will be suspected of being such.

Guest posts as a marketing method for new authors, established bloggers, and even companies

The traditional use of guest posts is for less known bloggers to post on a more popular blog, which allows them to gain access to a wider audience and possibly gain more readers for their own blog as well, because guest posts usually include a short description of the author and a link back to the author’s blog.

Guest posts do not have to appear only on highly popular blogs. Guest posts on less popular blogs can also be beneficial, both through the audience as well as SEO benefits, and guest posting between less popular blogs can even turn them into more popular blogs.

Usually, the road to writing a guest post starts by building a relationship with the host, for example, by commenting regularly on the blog in question. Cold calling can work too, but popular bloggers receive so many pitches that it is unlikely.

Guest posts can also be utilized as a marketing method for established bloggers or even companies. For established bloggers, this can take the form of writing a guest post over at another blogger’s blog, and having him contribute to your blog in turn.

As the corporate world has come to realize the influence of blogs, corporate attempts to gain guest post opportunities are on the rise. However, I would recommend against cold calling, especially by companies. Whereas a cold calling individual blogger may seem inexperienced or ignorant (or even succeed and get to publish a post), a cold calling company almost invariably comes across as pushy.

Companies can build relationships with bloggers, but these relationships have to be created by real people, not brands. Guest posts can be a part of a thought leadership marketing strategy of a company, but the thought-leading individuals need to establish their credibility first, whether by blogging, participating in discussions, or out there in the offline world. Without some previous credentials, guest posts by company spokespersons do not come out as authentic.

Guest posts as social networking

Writing guest posts can help deepen the relationships you have with other bloggers. This may bring about new readers or income, or it can just help you make some friends who are interested in the same things as you are.

Guest posts as freelance gigs

If you are famous enough in your field, you may even get paid to do a guest post, for example, for a corporate blog that attempts to establish its credibility or for a regularly published blog whose main author needs a hand.

Guest posts and copyright

When publishing a guest post, it is important to agree on copyright. Unless otherwise agreed, the author of the post owns the copyright.

Most large sites that accept guest posts have a set of guidelines you agree to in order to get your post published. The most important ones are agreements on whether the post has to be previously unpublished (it usually does), whether you can republish the post elsewhere (you usually can’t; unless your submission is rejected, of course, in which case you can do whatever you want with it), whether the host is allowed to edit your post (usually yes, however, major changes may need your approval), and where the host is allowed to publish your post (usually in the blog you submitted it to, but not, say, in a book).

Here are some examples of guest post submission guidelines: Michael Hyatt,, and As you can see, the answers to the above questions vary.

It should also be noted that if you get paid for a guest post, the copyright may belong to the company that hired you (copyright of works made for hire). Then again, if you do get paid, there should be a contract that makes this clear.

Do not be intimidated by copyright issues. It is merely good sense to be clear on what you are agreeing to so that there will be no bad blood in the future should the author or the host desire to reuse the material.

Guest posts are not for every blog

Well, I can’t really think of any good reasons for a blogger not to write guest posts. Copyright issues are something to keep in mind, and lack of time can be a reason too, but there are so many good things about guest posts that you should certainly consider them.

However, the same can’t be said for all blogs. Some blogs are simply written in such a way, with such a clearly identifiable voice, that guest posts would look really out of place in them. Some examples that come to mind include Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik and Seth’s blog by Seth Godin. Still, even Seth’s blog has published at least one guest post. No, that does not mean it is a good idea to try to make your post the second one.

Other reasons to write or publish guest posts?

What do you think about guest posts? Are there still other reasons to write or publish them? Are they a useful tool for you?

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    Tak ayal catatan apik yang dibukukan Liverpool
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  • Sami Khedira diperkirakan akan absen
    di Piala Dunia 2014

    Berita olahraga terpercaya dari
    agen judi terbaik, usai membela Jerman di partai ujicoba
    mengahadapi Italia pekan lalu, Sami Khedira mengalami cedera parah yang
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    legenda Der Panzer, Lothar Matthaus menyebut Khedira kaan absen di Piala Dunia

    pelatih Jerman, Joachim Low membantah spekulasi tersebut. Ia lebih memilih
    untuk optimis menyikapi kondisi anak buahnya itu.

    ada orang yang bisa kembali dari cedera parah seperti itu, maka dialah Sami. Ia
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    Arsenal makin kokoh di puncak klasemen sementara

    Berita olahraga terpercaya dari agen judi terbaik, kemenangan atas Cardiff City membuat tim Arsenal kini semakin kokoh di puncak klasemen sementara Premier League. Namun selain itu, mereka juga bisa terus memberikan tekanan pada pesaing lain yang akan bermain di hari Minggu malam.
    Lantas, apakah menurut Arsene Wenger hal semacam itu memberikan keuntungan yang amat besar untuk timnya?
    “Ketika anda bermain terlebih dahulu (sebelum tim rival) anda hanya bisa melakukan tugas anda sebaik mungkin dan melihat apa yang terjadi sesudahnya. Namun jika anda mampu melakukannya dengana baik, maka anda bisa tenang,” jelas sang pelatih.
    Berita yang dirangkum oleh agen bola online terpercaya, kemenangan mampu diraih The Gunners atas Cardiff dengan skor 3-0, Sabtu Malam kemarin. Aaron Ramsey mencetak dua gol kemenangan dan satu lagi merupakan kreasi dari gelandang cadas Mathieu Flamini.
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  • Iniesta delighted with Barcelona extension

    Agen Bola terpercaya reported – Andres Iniesta has expressed his delight after committing his future to Barcelona.
    The Spain midfielder signed a new deal on Monday to end talk of a move away from Camp Nou.
    Having joined Barcelona at the age of 12, Iniesta is now set to remain with the club until at least June 2018, when he will be 34.
    “I am so happy for staying here and I will carry on living my old dream playing more years for Barcelona,” as reported by City Holiday.
    “It makes me happy basically because I feel fit to keep the level I showed all the years I’ve been here and hopefully to improve this level.”
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  • Courtois tidak pernah pertimbangkan Barcelona

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Thibaut Courtois sempat disebut-sebut sebagai salah satu calon kiper Barca pada musim depan. Tapi, Courtois sendiri tak pernah berpikir akan pindah ke Barca.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Karena Victor Valdes akan hengkang setelah musim ini berakhir, Barcelona kabarnya mulai melirik beberapa nama untuk mereka jadikan pengganti. Pepe Reina, Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, dan Courtois yang paling sering dikaitkan dengan Blaugrana.

    “Thibaut tidak kecewa kalau Barca mengejar Ter Stegen,” ujar ayah Courtois, Thierry Courtois.

    “Barcelona tidak pernah menjadi pilihan. Thibaut punya kontrak dengan Atletico sampai 30 Juni. Cuma ada dua klub yang penting baginya, Atletico dan Chelsea. Akan ada pembicaraan dengan Chelsea dalam beberapa hari mendatang untuk membahas masa depannya. Yang mereka tahu adalah dia ingin jadi starter musim depan,” tutupnya.

  • Agger not eager to leave Liverpool

    Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Daniel Agger has revealed that he does not want to leave Liverpool during the January transfer window.
    The 29-year-old, who has been linked to move to other club in the previous transfer windows, was also attracted interest from Barcelona.
    Those overtures were rejected, but Liverpool are particularly strong in the centre-back position with the likes of Kolo Toure, Mamadou Sakho and Martin Skrtel all providing competition.
    However, Daniel Agger says that he is not thinking about the move at moment. . as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya
    “I’m not thinking about moving at the moment, not at all. I’ve only seen what the papers say and I can’t really do anything about it. There is no reason to believe these rumors,” the 29-year-old said.

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    Roma Ikuti Perburuan Alessio Cerci

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday – Roma mendaftarkan diri dalam perburuan tanda tangan Alessio Cerci musim panas mendatang.

    Agen bola City Holiday Terpercaya – Winger Torino ini memang tampil gemilang musim ini dan Manchester United, Juventus, Milan juga sudah antri untuk memboyongnya beberapa bulan terakhir.

    Namun, La Republlica mengklaim, Giallorossi kini ikut mengantri karena mereka ingin memperdalam opsi gelandang mereka musim depan.

    Surat kabar itu mengatakan, pasukan Rudi Garcia siap membayar €15 juga untuk pemain ini jika mereka gagal mendatangkan pemain Verona, Juan Iturbe.


  • Ancelotti urges Real Madrid to focus more after victory over Levante

    Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Carlo Ancelotti, a manager of Real Madrid, has urged his side to pay more attention after they won over their opponent on Sunday.
    A 3-0 win over 10-man Levante at the Bernabeu on Sunday was a good match for Real Madrid because they moved three points clear at the top of La Liga.
    Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale were the heroes for the club because each of them scored a goal, as reported by Agen judi terpercaya
    Real Madrid are now in 29 unbeaten matches in all competitions.
    However, Carlo Ancelotti has reminded his players to be more careful about the next game because he believed that his side should not focus only one thing, while there are along way to go, as reported by Agen sbobet terpercaya
    “We have to start focusing on our next match and try to win it. We were six points behind and we are now leaders,” the manager said.
    He added, “It’s important not to think about too many things. We have to focus on one match at a time. What matters is winning the League and not how we win it.”

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    Brasil mengalahkan Chile lewat adu penalti
    Agen Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Brasil menyingkirkan Chile lewat adu penalti di babak perdelapanfinal. Kiper Brasil, Julio Cesar menjadi pahlawan Brasil di babak adu penalti lewat dua penyelamatannya.

    Brasil dan Chile bermain imbang 1-1 selama 120 menit. Gol dari David Luiz di menit ke-18 sempat disamakan oleh Alexis Sanchez di menit ke-32. Setelahnya pertandingan berjalan intens.

    Brasil maupun Chile gagal memaksimalkan peluang masing-masing dengan baik di babak kedua dan dua babak perpanjangan waktu. Sampai akhirnya pertandingan dilanjutkan ke babak adu penalti.

    Di babak tersebut, Cesar menggagalkan dua eksekutor perdana Chile, Mauricio Pinilla dan Alexis Sanchez. Sementara dua eksekutor Brasil, Willian dan Hulk, juga gagal. Penentuan ada pada penendang kelima Chile, Gonzalo Jara, yang harus menerima nasib tendangannya mengenai tiang gawang

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    Fakta timnas Spanyol di Piala Dunia 2014
    Agen Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Piala Dunia kali ini diwarnai dengan juara bertahan Spanyol yang bahkan pulang kampung lebih cepat dibanding pemudik lebaran early birds yang ingin menghindari macetnya Pantura.
    Pelatih Spanyol, Vicente Del Bosque harus membayar mahal atas 2 hal yaitu kepercayaannya kepada pemain veteran Spanyol dan kengototannya untuk mengubah filosofi tiki-taka La Furia Roja. Kekalahan di 2 pertandingan awal menjadikan Spanyol juara bertahan ketiga di empat Piala Dunia terakhir yang tersingkir di fase penyisihan grup.
    Kalah 1-5 dari Belanda jelas luka yang paling membekas. Sampai detik ini, Sergio Ramos dikabarkan sering terbangun pada malam hari akibat mimpi buruk di mana dalam mimpinya ia sering diajak adu lari oleh sosok hantu kilat berkepala plontos.

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    Van Gaal bemoans Man Utd display despite Roma win

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Louis van Gaal insisted he was far from pleased with Manchester United’s performance despite their 3-2 win over Roma in Denver on Saturday.

    A double from Wayne Rooney and a Juan Mata strike put United in a commanding position before Roma hit back with two unanswered goals of their own in the second half at Sports Authority Field.

    It was United’s second consecutive win in their pre-season tour of the United States and the Premier League side’s first in the International Champions Cup.

    But Van Gaal was still critical of United’s display, though he did concede the heat played a big factor as his team faltered after the break, despite regular drinks breaks.

    “I am pleased that we have won but it was not a good performance,” said the Dutchman, who lamented the kick-off time during his pre-game conference.

    “We are not used to this hot weather. I think we didn’t play a good match because of the height of the stadium, the air, because all my good passers failed today.”

  • homeland

    Simeone: Brilliant Griezmann would shine for Atletico

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone is confident that summer transfer target Antoine Griezmann would be a brilliant signing.

    Goal revealed this week that the France international is close to joining La Liga’s champions after the Rojiblancos have seen off competition from Tottenham and Monaco.

    Although he praised the 23-year-old, Simeone stressed that negotiations being held with the attacker do not make him an Atletico man yet.

    “He’s a brilliant player,” Simeone began, speaking to reporters ahead of Atletico’s friendly match against San Jose Earthquakes. “He is very quick and can give us a lot of options in attack.

    “However, it’s also true that a lot of other players have been talked about as possibly coming [to Atletico], and we could make two teams out of all of them.”

  • home lan

    Rodgers: Liverpool won’t rush Lallana recovery

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Adam Lallana will not be rushed back from a knee injury ahead of schedule, according to Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers.

    Liverpool were dealt a major blow when it was confirmed Lallana – a €31 million signing from Southampton – sustained lateral collateral ligament damage during a training session in the United States.

    The 26-year-old is expected to miss up to six weeks, putting him in doubt for Liverpool’s first three games of the Premier League season against his former club, champions Manchester City and Tottenham.

    And speaking ahead of Sunday’s International Champions Cup fixture against Olympiacos in Chicago, Rodgers told reporters the England international would be given time to recover.

    “Of course it was very disappointing – it’s probably going to be four to six weeks,” Rodgers said at a media conference from Soldier Field in Chicago.

    “We’re hopeful that he’ll come back fairly quickly but there’s no rush. He’s a fantastic player, we just need to get him back fit and well because it’s a long season.

  • bon tong

    Watzke: Bayern want all of Dortmund’s players

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has accused Bundesliga rivals Bayern Munich of wanting all of his club’s players.

    Bayern are now openly discussing a move for Dortmund attacker Marco Reus, much to the fury of Watzke, who freely admits that his club simply cannot compete financially with Europe’s elite clubs.

    “There are players here at Dortmund who are happy to play for 20 per cent less money,” he is quoted as saying by TZ.

    “But that’s not the case when we’re talking about 50 per cent less money.

    “And that’s where Real Madrid and Bayern Munich enter the fray. It’s like they [Bayern] want all of our players …”