Interlude: The zombie argument for empowering your employees

Zombie argument for empowering your employeesPeople are a company’s most important asset. This is an often heard phrase, but in order for it to be more than lip service, those people should be empowered to do a good job.

One of the main reasons companies are unwilling to empower their employees to do a good job is fear. What will happen if a well-known expert leaves the company? Will people think less of the company then?

These fears are based on a mistaken premise. Everyone knows that people sometimes change employers. What makes a company look good, is a culture where great people are allowed to do a great job.

Hence, the zombie argument for empowering your employees:

You have these great people working for you, but if you don’t let them work their magic, you could just as well replace them with zombies.

Picture: Sweet Honey Pie (cc)

Author: Ville Kilkku

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